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Catch us at local vendor events

SMB loves being apart of vendor events, we offer a variety of custom cookies decorated for the season.  If you are a event organizer please email about participation.

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My name is Elana Drasin and I'm the owner of Sugar Magnolia Bakeshop. This all started as hobby bakery in 2017 and since then has evolved beyond what I could have dreamed. Here is a little bit about myself and how the bakery started!‚Äč

I attended culinary school right after high school with the intent to major in restaurant management and hospitality, I quickly fell in love with baking and decided I would master in that instead. Along with taking baking and decorating classes I took art classes in sculpting and painting. After Culinary School I went on to work in bakeries that specialized in cakes and sugar cookies and learned so much from each. I never knew that I one day would own my own bakery, I just loved working in a kitchen and loved creating. 

Sugar Magnolia Bakeshop started back in Los Angeles CA, and was originally named Just for you Cakes and Confections.. Something about that didn't seem right and after years of making cakes and cookies for friends I knew something needed to change... After brainstorming and the genius from my music loving husband Sugar Magnolia Bakeshop was born and that is definitely when it all changed. 

We moved from California to Tennessee in 2016 and after working whatever job I could find and trying to figure out the best place to live in a very unfamiliar state I decided that I wanted to start offering my sweet treats (as a hobby) so I could work at a "regular" job. Well...Thanks to I heart Spring Hill on Facebook and amazing customers who constantly support me and my dream I had to quit my full time job just to keep up with orders! I'm so beyond thankful for the life I have been given, The support of my followers, husband, kids and family. the bakery wouldn't be where it is today without any of that. 

Today Sugar Magnolia has grown from a 1 person operation to now teaming up with my husband Adam who wants only the best for me and my dream. He has joined me in continuing to make the bakery even bigger and better and now with his help we can take on twice as many orders and recently went from a regular 8-9 orders a week to 15 orders a week!!